GoPro's fix for grounded Karma drones is coming 'within a week'

GoPro’s fix for grounded Karma drones is coming ‘within a week’

GoPro has discovered the issue that grounded its Karma rambles with some sort of 2K20 GPS bug since the start of the year, it said in a blog entry. Even better, the organization is presently trying a fix and hopes to discharge a firmware update “inside seven days” that will settle the issue.

Various administrators have been not able fly since 2020, with the Karma detailing GPS sign and compass alignment issues. One client found a brief workaround by resetting the controller and incapacitating the GPS. While the issue from the start appeared to be a GPS and GLONASS clock rollover issue, GoPro composed that the issue was identified with issues interfacing with the World Magnetic Model “when we clicked over to 2020.”

GoPro hasn’t had a lot of karma with the Karma, which propelled to lukewarm deals, had a review directly after dispatch and was ceased after only two years. With the most recent issue, it keeps on being a period and cash sinkhole for GoPro, which has all things considered vowed to help it for a vague timeframe.

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